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Our Services

Group counseling/classes are offered on various topics. Please visit the tab to see the schedule.

Individual Counseling for children and adolescents

Individual Counseling for children and adolescents ages 10 -17. Individual counseling may be appropriate if your child is showing any of the following signs: self-destructive behavior, loss in concentration excessive or decreased social connections, constant worrying, suicidal behaviors or substance use, unexplained changes in sleeping pattern.

Individual counseling for adults.

Whether you are struggling with your relationships or friendships, looking to develop self-love or process trauma; counseling can help.

Relationship/couples counseling

Relationship/couples counseling for couples struggling to find balance and maintain healthy boundaries and communication with their significant other. I recommend those seeking relationship counseling also seek individual counseling. I am a Prepare Enrich Facilitator.

Maternal mental health counseling

Maternal mental health counseling may be appropriate if you are struggling with depression or anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum, mom guilt, finding balance and time for yourself in your new role, or having a hard time bonding with your baby.

No appointments will be approved until all intake documents have been completed and received.
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